Can Herpes Kill You If Left Untreated.

    Can herpes kill you ? – Herpes is a very simple disease but can become dangerous if left untreated for long. Early diagnosis of the disease plays a great role in its eradication from the host. It is therefore highly recommended that once you suspect yourself to be having the disease you quickly seek medical intervention. Many people tend to have serious infection of this virus due to delay in diagnosis the being given the right intervention.  The virus is normally painful and it affects both locally and in the body systems making it dangerous for the infected to live with the virus. HSV 1 is normally dangerous because it can to the brain and cause meningitis.

 can herpes kill you

   Can herpes kill you in neonatal herpes ? – Many people, or a good proportion of the people who have contracted herpes have successful been assisted to live without the symptoms of the disease.  The disease has no successful cure and what is there are just drugs to curb its replication and prevent occurrence of the symptoms. This means that the virus is normally in the body of the infected throughout his or her life but it is in small quantity. Viral shedding is normally minimal and transmission rate is very low but it can still be transmitted.

How Herpes Can Kill A Person.

   Can herpes kill you ? – Herpes can kill if some factors are present in the host body. If the immunity of the infected person is malfunctioning in one way or the other then rate of mortality is high. In such cases, treatment must be given a quick approach and right medication be given to avoid further infections. It is good to ensure that all the underlying conditions are treated to avoid further reactivation of the virus. If the virus ifs left untreated, it can penetrate the meninges and reach the brain to cause viral meningitis which can cause coma and death. Treating meningitis is normally difficulty and expensive.

   Different drugs have different efficiency in treatment of the virus. Some drugs may not be effective to eradicate fully the virus making it prevail throughout the body for a long time. This can lead to serious infections and cause death. Another thing is that it can lead to re-infection by other micro-organisms like the bacteria and fungi. Herpes should be managed well for it to remain ineffective in the infected host. Always select the latest effective medicine and approaches to deal with the virus when you are infected. Check regularly to see if the viral load is degrading day by day or increasing in your body.

Can Herpes Kill You In Neonatal Herpes ?

  Can herpes kill you in neonatal herpes ? –  In neonatal Herpes, the newborn is supposed to be treated with the right medication or else it might pass away. Medications are normally helpful to the newborn because it can go into a coma and die. Treating the mother before delivery is the only option to avoid this. Any pregnant woman diagnosed with herpes should be treated before the delivery date to reduce viral shedding and save the newborn from neonatal herpes. Neonatal herpes is not a simple disease therefore it should be regarded as emergency and quick medical intervention is made.

can neonatal herpes kill you

   Primary infection is normally not severe and normally is self-limiting. This is normally followed by a latency stage where the virus is in the body but not replicating. This stage is normally safe and there is no transmission. HSV 1 normally infects the mouth and ears and this can lead to severe discomfort in the head. This virus can be transmitted through kissing or oral sex. HSV 1 is normally found in all the parts above the abdomen if it happens to infect a person. It is the one responsible for meningitis in adults. It is good to be careful when kissing to avoid getting this virus.

   HSV 2 on the other hand infects the genitals and other areas below the abdomen. It has a very strong mutilating nature that happens to be resistant to many drugs that are used in its treatment. HSV 2 is associated with the neonatal herpes that infects the newborn. This virus has numerous clinical presentations but laboratory diagnosis is the only way of getting the right diagnosis. Remember that an excellent diagnosis will always quicken the right intervention and ensure proper healing is achieved easily. Make sure to select the latest medication on the market possible.

   In conclusion, Can herpes kill you ? herpes can kill but only when it is left untreated for a long time. If it is treated quickly, then it will be easy for it to be stopped so as not to cause serious complications to the host.

The Natural Cure For Herpes.

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