Facts About Herpes That Probably Can You Die From Herpes Virus.

What Is Herpes Simplex Virus

Can you die from herpes – The herpes is caused by a specific virus that called HSV-1 and also HSV-2. These two virus attack different part in out body like in the details below:

can you die from herpes viruscan you die from herpes?

Oral herpes (HSV-1)

   This virus is causing blisters to appear on the lips or around the mouth of the patient. Not only on the lips and mouth, the blisters also can be formed on the face of the patient or their tongue. These are the most common places that are showing HSV-1 outbreak, so it called oral herpes but the sores also potentially find at some other place on the skin.

Genital herpes (HSV-2)

   This virus is causing sores that typically occur on the penis, at the vagina, at the buttocks, or even anus. Women in the majority can have sores inside their vagina. Just like oral herpes too, these sores also have no exception and can appear almost anywhere on the skin.

Why Can You Die From Herpes

  Can you die from herpes ? – Most people infected with HSV-1 or herpes simplex type 1 as little as still an infant or child. This virus easily spread by skin to skin contact with anyone that carries the virus. Sometimes, a person can carry the virus even they do not have any sores in their body yet. The body fluid from an infected person can be spread by kissing, using the same utensil while eating and also sharing personal belongings like towel or toothbrush.

  A person who gets HSV-2 or herpes simplex type 2 usually through sexual activities or contact. This is alarming because adults in most of country in this world are sexually active so herpes is one of the STD that easy to be spread. People who have the high potential to get herpes are women or female, sexually active with many partners, teenagers, and have a very weak immune system.

  Herpes is not a dangerous disease so far but if you have another illness that is the bad news and your health condition become a serious concern. Herpes is also an indicator that your immune system is weak so you are prone to expose with another illness or infection. The worst part is, when the virus enters your body, it is hard to tell that you can get rid of it.

can you die from herpescan you die from herpes

   The only way that you know you get herpes is to get tested. Herpes have no cure but you can treat herpes to lower the outbreak possibility in your body. Herpes is not that harmful but you are easy to get another illness and one of them is HIV. How herpes can cause death is most likely what other illness that come along with it at the same time.

   H.I.V./AIDS is one of the diseases that have high mortality rate and it is a very lethal disease. Many people that have herpes ignores their chances to get HIV at the same time. This is how herpes can cause death because it let other dangerous disease such as HIV enter your body and now many health specialist having the same opinion that HIV and Herpes have a significant relationship. The patient will not die because of herpes alone, but the synergy between herpes and HIV will. To compare a person who is healthy and another that have herpes, the chances to get HIV is more higher to the one that have herpes because the immunity is already a compromise. And for the person who have herpes and HIV at the same time is likely to transmit both diseases at the same time to their sex partner.

   This two epidemic is proven to have linked and then herpes is always been underestimated in contributing to mortality rate in any disease. Herpes cases are rising every year and so with HIV. In the country such as UK, hundred of people are dying because of HIV every year. Most of them having direct consequences of HIV infection that they were having, or diagnosed with HIV at a very late stage or when the immune system is identified severely damaged.

What Are The Chances Of Mortality Of Herpes

   Herpes simplex with type 1 is not the one that associated with HIV acquisition but herpes simplex type 2 with infection around the genital area is the reason that there is a high risk of co-infection with HIV.

Even so, there is a right treatment that can support HIV patient to live just as ling as the HIV-negative people. Using the treatment, someone can live about 8 to 15 years after diagnosed with HIV. HIV is a life-threatening disease sin 1980, but nowadays you can have a proper treatment to live longer. Without it, a person with HIV/AIDS only can live about 1-2 years or depends on their own immune defense.

The Natural Cure For Herpes.

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