Can You Donate Blood If You Have Herpes?

Can you donate blood if you have herpes? Herpes disease occurs when the virus has been reactivated at its stage of latency. Primary infection can however occur due to fresh transmission of the virus from an infected host. This primary infection is normally not severe and it can be self- limiting. On entry, the virus usually multiplies itself at the site of entry.

It will then stimulate an immune response from the body and this will force it to spread to sensory ganglion where it go into latency. During latency, the virus is not replicating therefore no immune response is occurring. It takes time to adapt to the body’s environment.

The secondary infection, which is more severe usually, is normally precipitated by certain biological and social factor. Reduction in immunity will is among the reactivating factors. This can be caused by diseases such as HIV/AIDS, malignancies and use of certain medications. Social stress is also among the underlining factor that leads to occurrence of herpes disease. The other factor is social stress.

This has been reported to be among the factors that reactivate the virus and thus cause disease.  Exposure to excessive sunlight is also among the re-activating agents and can cause the virus to replicate and cause disease.

Can You Donate Blood If You Have Herpes? Why You Cannot Donate Blood If You Have Herpes.

can you donate blood if you have herpes simplex

   Can you donate blood if you have herpes ? During secondary infection, the virus usually replicates more vigorously than ever before. People who seek medication quickly tend to curb the spread quickly and no viremia occurs. When left untreated for long, the virus enters the blood and goes to various parts of the body majorly the brain. At this stage it causes meningitis. This is when treatment becomes complicated and special drugs that penetrate inflamed meninges should be administered. 

Blood at this time is already infected and the person can transmit the virus to other people through the blood. It is therefore good to screen blood against the organism before infusing it to any recipient.This is answer why to can you donate blood if you have herpes.

How To Diagnose Herpes.

Diagnosis of herpes simplex (The Symptoms Of Herpes) is something very simple. You first observe for the visible signs and symptoms. It normally presents as Herpes Labialis or shingles. Herpes attack a certain dermatome. Blister like painful papules normally appear on the genitals or lips.

Skin biopsy can be done. This will give assurance that it is HSV you are dealing with. Polymerase chain reaction is another method of diagnosis that can be done. IgM specific antibody test will also be useful if done because it gives precise results.

Pregnant mothers should be treated before delivery date. This is because the virus is normally increasing day by day and if the mother delivers while having the disease; it will be passed to the child and can cause neonatal herpes. Mothers infected should be treated and vaccinated against Herpes for safe delivery of the baby.

Transfusions must not be done if blood has not been screened against herpes virus. Donors must be carefully examined before donating blood to avoid herpes virus infection.  Herpes is a dangerous virus just like any other viruses therefore care should be taken.

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Drugs Used In Treatment Of Herpes Disease Before Blood Donation Is Done.

Drugs used in treatment of herpes disease depend mostly on its severity and anatomical area affected. Proper diagnosis always aid in proper treatment of the disease. It should be diagnosed early for effective treatment to be achieved.

Antivirals are normally used in treatment of the Herpes disease. These include acyclovir and val-cyclovir. They exist in many forms from solid to gel or ointments to treat various parts of the body affected. If the virus has gone to the brain, then I.V drugs are usually used as well tablets. Topically, ointments of acyclovir are normally used.

Pregnant mothers need to be treated with caution to avoid affecting the fetus due to drug penetration through the placenta. Treating pregnant mothers infected with herpes prevents infection of the newborn during delivery. If not treated the child might get the virus and get neonatal herpes. Vaccinating the mother is also another alternative that will curb the spread of the virus to the newborn.

It infects any age at any time as long as there is no protection used. Through sexual intercourse, kissing or mixing of body fluids. Therefore one needs to be carefully.

In short, Can you donate blood if you have herpes ? – A person infected with Herpes and has not undergone any treatment should not do blood donation or donate any organ unless otherwise stated. Blood screening should be done after donation has been done to ensure that it is safe for the recipient. Through this safety shall be guaranteed.

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