Herpes Dilemma and Public Stigma: Can You Get Herpes from Kissing ?

can you get herpes from kissing

 Can you get herpes from kissing ? Sexual transmitted diseases are one of a part in communicable disease area where it has been reported occurred around the world.

   There are so many types of diseases that categorized in this group and one of the most common diseases that associated with this group is Herpes. Herpes of Herpes Simplex is a common sexual transmitted disease that can be found occurring in every country in the world where developed and developing countries are the contributors in number of cases of herpes. Herpes generally divided into two types, one is genital herpes that infected in the genital area and the second one is the oral herpes that commonly associated with the mouth.
   Can you get herpes from kissing ? – Before answering the question, Herpes can be caused by the specific infectious agent which there is two types exist that is Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 or HSV-1 and Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2 or HSV-2. Hsv-2 is commonly associated with the infection on genital herpes that occurring or infecting more to adult compare to the children. In contrary the HSV-1 is the main infectious agent that caused oral herpes that mostly occur on children. Infection of herpes often causes a mild symptom and sometimes there is reported cases where the patient is asymptomatic without any sign or symptoms but contain virus in their blood when diagnose. The common symptoms of this disease that can be seen are such as sores or blister, discomfort and itching in the affected area and there is reported cases that the patient are feeling ill and have low-grade fever. The most dangerous fact about this disease is that it can recurrence in the future even all the sign and symptoms have gone.

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Can you get herpes from kissing ?

  Yes. You can get herpes from kissing. Oral herpes as the name shown is the type of disease that infected or associated with the mouth areas either the inner or outer part of the mouth. As mentioned before, the oral herpes is commonly caused by HSV-1. It transmitted in the various way from patient to other person and the most common is when there is a contact between the infected area either genital or mouth area with the mouth area of the healthy person. In children the transmission occurs mostly when the hand of the child touch infected area such as another child where the sores that have burst that contain pus that contain high numbers of the virus. The saliva act as a media to transmit the virus when mouth to mouth contact occurred.

   Can you get herpes from kissing – Kissing is also can be the activities that transmit the virus from infected area to mouth area where this method is usually associated with the infection of oral herpes. When someone kiss and have contact with infected area either genital or mouth area, the virus will transmit to the mouth part of the person who kiss the area. Mouth to mouth transmission also can occur when there is a contact with the saliva between the infected person and the healthy person. The saliva can have high contained of the virus that it gain from the pus of the burst sores. In children the risk to get  the infection from kissing are very low compare to the adult, but don’t misjudge because it also can happen especially mouth to mouth kissing.

In adult the oral herpes can transmit in various ways either through contact or sexual activities. Apart from the sexual intercourse, the transmission through contact occur as same as it occur in children where there is contact between the infected area to the mouth part or through media such as hand that touch contaminated area and transmit the virus to the mouth area through ingestion. Through sexual activities, the transmission can occur when the person have kiss or contact with genital part while in the foreplay stages before sexual intercourse occur. It also can transfer in vice versa either to the couple genital or mouth areas depending where the contact has occurred.

Transmission Of The Herpes Virus Through Kissing

Transmission of the herpes virus through kissing can occur directly and the risk to get the infection from infected person is very high with the contact through the saliva.  So as the answer for the title again, Can you get herpes from kissing ? In the nut shell, the most important things to do are to avoid and take prevention method to stop spreading the disease. If we think we had been infected by the disease, seek treatment as soon as we can and avoid unnecessary contact that can transmit the disease to another person. Get the right information about the disease, how it can be transmitted, the prevention method and also the treatment for this disease to get us more protected from this disease infection.

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