Can You Get Herpes From Oral Sex ?

   Can you get herpes from oral sex ? – Herpes disease is caused by the Herpes simplex virus. This virus has two types of infecting species that infect different anatomical parts of the body. Herpes virus can be acquired by any person of any age and gender. This virus has two forms of the disease. The first one is a primary infection that normally happens after first exposure. It is self-limiting most of the time and a person may recover without using any medications. The body will then respond after the first attack and stop the spread of the virus. HSV 2 can be transmitted through oral sex. The virus however is not full removed out of the body but it does to latency in the sensory ganglions.

can you get herpes from oral sex

   Secondary infection rarely occurs. Its occurrence is normally precipitated by some underlying factors that might have reactivated the virus from its stage of latency. During latency, the virus is not replicating due to the harsh body immunity. This is the reason there no signs of disease on latency. When the body’s is reduced, the virus takes advantage of that and starts replicating again making symptoms of the virus to appear. Reduction in immunity can be caused by use of cancer medication, diseases like AIDS and leukemia. This will make the virus have more chances of survival.

   Can you get herpes from oral sex – The immunity of the body is the one that can make the virus not to cause any disease. If it is altered in a manner that will make it to malfunction, it will trigger the onset of herpes disease. People with reduced immunity can suffer massive clinical implications even on the primary infection. It is therefore good that once you suspect yourself to have the disease, you go for thorough medical investigation. Herpes simplex virus can spread to the brain and cause diseases like meningitis and coma if not treated well and early.

Transmission Of Herpes Virus.

   The virus can be transmitted from one person to another depending on the route exposed. Depending on the nature of exposure, people get this virus through various ways. The virus normally affects the upper abdominal part and the genitals. Any person who will come into contact with an infected person is at high risk of acquiring the disease.

   Can You Get Herpes From Oral Sex in the newborns ? – The newborns get the disease through the birth canal if their mothers are infected during pregnancy. Before delivery, pregnant women who are suspected to have the disease should be treated before the delivery date reaches. Treatment with ant-viral drugs should be done to ensure that during delivery the baby will be safe. If the newborn baby has contracted the virus, then quick treatment is supposed to be done to ensure that no complications arise. Neonatal herpes is the major condition that results from the infection and if left for long it can cause a death of the newborn.

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 Can You Get Herpes From Oral Sex ?

   Can you get herpes from oral sex ? It can also be transmitted through oral sex. Either it is homosexually or heterosexually. The HSV 1 that is responsible on infections of the mouth and ears will be transmitted. Oral sex can mean HSV 2 also being transmitted from the genitals of the infected to the exposed person. It is recommended that you use protection every time you are having sex to avoid such cases. Oral sex can quickly expose you to viral meningitis due to the nearness of the brain to the oral cavity therefor it is usually nice to be careful. This virus is normally difficulty to treat therefore it is good to take caution.

   Sexual intercourse with an infected person is also another route of infection. This is in fact the common route of infection second to kissing. The virus HSV 2 normally infects the genitals and can be transmitted easily to another person during sexual activities without protection. Gays can also get the disease as well as lesbians if they happen to have unprotected sex. It is therefore good to investigate your spouse before having sex if using protection is unpleasant to you. Herpes virus is real so you better be careful.

    In conclusion, Can you get herpes from oral sex ? Oral sex can make you acquire the Herpes virus. This   is normally HSV 2 that people acquire through oral sex. It then goes to the lower abdomen to cause its clinical manifestations. Use protection in order to be safe every time you have sex. You can use ant-viral drugs every time you have sex. Acyclovir is the normally the drug of choice to treat the virus. The pregnant mother should be treated before delivery to avoid neonatal Herpes to the newborns.

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