How To Deal With Herpes On The Lips.

   Herpes on the lips – Herpes simplex virus (HSV-1) can cause herpes simplex outbreak when it get trigger by bad sunburn. Usually, the outbreak is visible around the mouth, but sores can appear in most of the skin of your body. How to know that you have herpes on the lips, firstly a small kind of red patches appears around the mouth and then blister or cluster will develop in that area too. The blister will be bursts and a raw area will be visible but eventually healing. The sore will heal around 7-10 days without leaving any scar unless you scratch it hard until it bleeding.
herpes on the lips

Symptom For Herpes On The Lips (Oral Herpes)

   If this is your first time experiencing herpes, you will never tell that your body is actually having the virus and the virus that stay in your body, it can be in a sleep mode before triggered to cause an outbreak. However, you can see and feel the symptoms before the blister appears, you might have tingling, burning on your skin, and feel itchy at the same time.

   The cold sores are sometime painful because the fluid-filled blister may break open and the fluid oozing out. When that happened to you, it will form a crust and then will slowly healing by itself. If you see you have this kind of blister somewhere around your lips, you need to think where had you been around 2 until 20 days ago and who might you have contact and then get infected from.

Since the sores will be last around your mouth in 7 to 10 days, you need to take a good care of it and prevent the symptom from any contamination and you need to remind yourself to not scratch it too. Some cases, you will also feel flu-like symptoms when you have cold sores or oral herpes. You might get a fever, your muscle feels aches, and your lymph node near to your neck is visibly swollen. Sometime oral herpes also not going to be heal until 2-3 weeks.

Why Someone Can Get Herpes On The Lips

There are several ways on why you have this kind of disease for example:

♥    Kissing with herpes patient or with a person that healthy carrier for herpes.

♥    Sharing personal belongings such as towel, razor or lip balm with herpes patient or healthy carrier.

♥    Have sexual contact with a person that have herpes or healthy carrier.

♥    Immune system get weaken because of certain medication and the virus triggered.
♥    Touching the sore from herpes patient with your bare hands.

   Herpes simplex viruses can be spread from person to another through close contact which means by touching, kissing and sexual activities. You have a risk to get a herpes simplex virus just from touching a herpes sore. Most of the people however, they get herpes simplex from herpes patient that does not have any visible sores. The doctors call this situation as “asymptomatic viral shedding.”

How To Deal With Herpes On The Lips

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   Once a person got a herpes virus infection, the virus unfortunately will never leave the body. After the first outbreak, the virus moves from the skin cells to the nerve cells. The virus stays in the nerve cells forever as they can be and just stay there. As for this stage, the virus is kind to be dormant or in a sleeping mode but until one time, it can be activated again by a certain trigger. The trigger manner such as:




#4.Sun exposure.

#5.Menstrual periods.


   Herpes on the lips – To avoid these triggers, all you need to do is to maintain a healthy lifestyle every day. It is important to keep the immune system to get normally functioning  and in good shape. In order to do that, you need to get enough of sleep, eat a balance and healthy diet.
   If you have herpes on the lips, a good quality of sun block can be applied on the lips. Antiviral also can be used for the outbreak with the advised from the medical practitioner especially if you have the outbreak in unacceptable number. Lysine is also highly effective to treat herpes on lips and you can apply it directly to the sores or taking it in pill form (Lysine supplements).

    Herpes on the lips – There are other tips to sooth the sores like using tea bags in an hourly application, and then using the petroleum jelly to prevent the scab from cracking so you will be more comfortable.

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