Herpes On The Tongue And The Parts Of The Body.

   Herpes on the tongue – HSV 1 is normally the virus that is associated with disease in the upper part of the body above the waist. It normally infects areas of the head and shoulder. They can also infect a certain nerve and cause an infection on the dermatome of the nerve. This is normally painful especially when the blisters are about to rupture. Kissing at this stage can make you get the virus easily. This is because during this stage viral shedding is high and the infected is having a high viral load. Understanding the process of infection is good to make you know how to treat yourself.

   Herpes virus enters the body and starts replicating at the site of entry. This is normally followed by a stage of latency where the host is no longer experiencing illnesses. At this stage the virus can easily be transmitted from one person to another. Latency means that the virus is no longer replicating so there are no signs and symptoms of the disease.  People with impaired immunity have a high risk of having complications of herpes like meningitis and other viral diseases. Latency normally gives the virus time to adapt and prepare itself for re-activation.

   Herpes on the tongue is always painful. There things like blisters that are very painful on the tongue on infection by herpes. These lesions carry a high viral load that makes transmission of the virus very easy. The tongue becomes malfunctioning and even swallowing becomes a problem. If left untreated for a long time then it spreads to the nearby organs and cause complications. It is therefore good to seek quick treatment measures to avoid this pain and spread of the virus to other regions of the body. The virus must then be shed from lesions to the body thereby exposing organs might get infected.

Treatment Of Herpes On The Tongue.

symptoms of herpes on the tongue

   First ensure you protect yourself to avoid contracting herpes. This is through avoiding kissing and any form of oral sex.

Remember prevention is better than cure. In case you happen to be infected then you will need to seek medical intervention quickly. Acyclovir tablets can be used to treat virus that has already invaded the body in the blood. There are also ointments and creams for external use. Treatment of this herpes at early stage of infection is not only economical but also health wise is recommended.

   For children, the quantity of the drug being used to treat herpes is different from the one in adults. Quick diagnosis will reduce the severity of lesions and other symptoms easy for healing.  Herpes on the tongue is normally treated using ointment and not injection. This is to ensure that lesions are no longer carrying the virus. Herpes

   The tongue is a very sensitive organ and its infection is usually painful. HSV 1 is highly susceptible to acyclovir and can respond well to medications to avoid the, re complications to those infected. Proper diagnosis should be made to avoid mistreatment.

   If the virus is not treated on the Tongue fully, there will be spread of the virus to the brain and other tissues. This will further raise complications and make treatment of the herpes disease a problem. The virus infects all ages as long as the person is exposed to it.  This virus can also infect the genitals, specifically the HSV 2 that is responsible for the diseases in the genitals. The treatment is the same though doses may differ due to the different nature of the clinical manifestations. These diseases happen to be more severe in immunocompromised patients where reactivation of the virus is stimulated.

   Herpes on the tongue can also indicate exposure to sunlight that might have reactivated the latency herpes and provoke disease. Herpes needs to be quickly treated to avoid further complications. This virus has the tendency of causing infertility in women if left for the call. This is because it causes inflammation of the genital tubes and can interfere with their normal function. Those infected should have a thorough medical investigation for treatment to imitative program. Through this those serious complications will not happen and treatment of the Herpes disease will be easy only through medications.

In short, Herpes on the tongue – any person with Herpes is supposed to have quick medical intervention to curb the spread of the virus in the body. Herpes on Tongue is usually caused by HSV 2. Vaccinations are useful to prevent  mother to child transmission and avoid neonatal herpes on delivery.

The Natural Cure For Herpes.

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