Herpes Symptoms In Men And Signs Of Herpes.

Herpes symptoms in men – Herpes is a viral disease that is chiefly caused by the Herpes simplex virus. The virus is usually in the sensory ganglions of the body. It causes disease when reactivated by certain factors which can be either externally or internally. The internally factors that can make it to replicate include use of immunosuppressant medications or diseases that lower the body’s immunity. Herpes symptoms in men is a clear indication that the virus is no longer latent; it is a justification that the immunity of a person is somehow altered.  The external factors may include exposure to excess sunlight, social stress.

herpes symptoms in men
Types Of Herpes Symptoms In Men And The Disease They Cause On Men.

The Herpes symptoms in men is divided into two groups. There is the HSV 1. This predominantly affects parts above the abdomen. Its latency normally takes place in the sensory nerves around the facial region where it will be waiting for reactivation to cause disease. When reactivated it normally infects parts like the throat, eyes and lips.
Herpes simplex virus 2 is usually pathogenic in the anatomical areas below the abdomen. Its latency is restricted below the waist and when reactivated it infects the genitals and its surrounding.

Types Of Herpes Simplex On Men

Herpes symptoms in men vary depending on the region affected. As a result, these manifestations were classified and given names so that it could be easy to notice that it is herpes despite the different appearance of the different affected regions.
Herpes Simplex virus 1 causes Herpes Labialis. This is a blister like appearance that manifests itself at the lower lip of the infected person. It is normally painful and appears during cold seasons normally. Sore throat could also mark this infection. This can also affect eyes, eye herpes, ear herpes and Neonatal Herpes.

Herpes Simplex Virus 2 on other hand causes genital herpes. These involve formation of inflamed papules around the genitalia and are so painful. On delivery, the disease can be passed from the mother to the Child and cause neonatal herpes. It can cause meningitis to the newborn if no quick intervention is taken. Herpes simplex disease is not just like any other, it must be triggered for it to infect a person. People who are immune compromised usually have frequent attacks of this disease. Herpes disease is named according to the region infected but the treatment is the same in all regions infected.

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Herpes Symptoms And Pictures Of Herpes Video 

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Treatment And Management Of Herpes Simplex.

The management of Herpes greatly depends on the area affected and severity of the disease. Sometimes it is self limiting if the triggering factor happens to decline. The self limiting situations include times when the disease is precipitated by change of seasons so when the season is over, the disease also gets finished.

You can also use Antiviral agents. This will help to heal through counter attacking the process of replication of the virus. Once the virus replication has been stopped, the virus becomes small in number and the body’s immune system finishes the remaining part thus facilitating the healing process. Acyclovir and Val acyclovir are the major agents that are used in the treatment of this condition.

Dietary supplements like Zinc and Lysine supplements can also promote the healing process of this disease.  The use of bee products as well as aloe Vera has played a good role in the recovery of people with Herpes disease. The use of topical agents to treat the ulcers and inflamed papules can also be helpful to the infected people. It is good to have the topical forms of acyclovir because it works faster and efficient than any other drug.

Transmission and Prevention.

For HSV 1, you will need to avoid kissing carelessly. This can be transmitted through the fluid of the lesions on the lips. Herpes labialis has been reported to be transmitted through sharing drinking bottles of water or any drink. It is advisable that you be carefully on who you share or kiss.
For HSV 2, it can be transmitted through sexually intercourse with a n infected person. Always wear a condom when having sex. The disease can also be passed from mother to child during birth therefore it’s good to screen mother before delivery.
In general, Herpes symptoms and in men are as a result of viral reactivation. If not severe, it is usually self-limiting but if severe it needs medical attention. Herpes Diagnosis can be made either through clinical observations or through skin biopsy or polymerase chain reaction.

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