How Long Does A Herpes Outbreak Last ?

how long does a herpes outbreak last

   How long does a herpes outbreak last – Herpes disease infects humans into phases. The first phase is called the primary infection while the second phase is called the secondary infection. During primary infection, the virus enters the body and starts replicating at the site of entry. It then migrates through retrograde transfer to the ganglion where its latency starts.  During latency, the virus is not replicating so the body’s immune systemic is not responding to it. The virus takes this advantage to adapt to the body’s environment. To know how long does a Herpes outbreak last the following must be noted.

During primary infection, the disease is usually severe, though most of them are self limiting. It normally disappears after two to three weeks. Pain is usually severe with a tingling feeling that irritates a lot. Fever and chills can also be observed as well muscle pains. Blisters and inflamed papules will also make the situation to be worse. The lymph nodes become swollen and painful.

The body however plays a role to ensure that all these manifestations disappear through a strong immune response that will attack the virus. This is when the virus goes into latency and disease disappears. Latency means the virus is not replicating but it is within you.

Secondary infections occur only after the virus has been triggered from its latency stage by certain factors. Chief among the factors include immunosuppressant factors. These include things like cancer drugs which lower the immunity. Diseases like HIV/AIDS can also precipitate secondary infection through lowering of the immunity. Apart from that, psychological stress can as well trigger secondary infection of the virus.

Pathophysiology Of Herpes Disease.

When the virus has been reactivated by whichever factor, it starts replicating. Its replication makes it increase in number making it to migrate to the other parts of the body. The virus will then replicate on the epidermal tissues causing tissue destruction and inflammation thus causing the lesions that are observed in Herpes simplex. This reactivation and replication of the virus takes three to four days and lasts for one to two weeks depending on the speed of medication and management done.

During the secondary infection, it is advisable that you do a thorough check up because this is normally accompanied by an underlining factor. Counseling should always be done if the disease has been triggered by stress. Ensure that you take medication early before the condition progresses to a worse.

The virus can as well escape it’s locally replication site and go into the blood circulation where viremia occurs. Once this happens, the duration of healing is prolonged and can lead to meningitis both in the newborn and adults. In pregnant women, if not controlled, it can migrate to the genitals and cause meningitis of the newborn. It is therefore good to screen pregnant mothers who are suspected to have herpes and give them the right treatment before delivery date.

Diagnosis & How long does a herpes outbreak last.

The Diagnosis of this disease should not be aimed at finding out the severity of the disease but rather the factor precipitating it. History taking first is important so as to be in a position to understand whether it’s due to social issue or exposure to externally factor that might have led to the reactivation of the virus and occurrence of the disease.

Once that is done, herpes disease can be identified through clinical observation without even invasive methods. If it is HSV 1 you will easily see the blisters on the lips, eyes or ears. Sore throat and irritating eyes accompanied by fever are among the signs and symptoms.

Skin biopsy can be done. Polymerase chain reaction is another useful method in diagnosis to determine the disease capacity or severity. Proper diagnosis will aid in the medication that will be given to the patient for quick recovery. It is advisable to check whether the virus has spread all over the body because it can attack even the brain. Diagnosis determines how long does a Herpes outbreak last because it guides in proper treatment.

herpes outbreak last

how long does a herpes outbreak last with treatment

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Treatment And Management.

   How long does a herpes outbreak last with treatment – There different forms of drugs that should be used depending on the area infected. First there is the topical form of acyclovir that will be applied to the affected regions of the skin. There are also tablets and I.V form of acyclovir to be given to patients with herpes simplex depending on the severity of the disease.

In a nut shell, the duration of outbreak of herpes simplex depends on how quick appropriate interventions are done to the infected. Once the condition is left to proceed to a severe stage, and then it will take longer than normal for it to heal. The type of management will also determine how long does a Herpes outbreak last.

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