How Many People Have Herpes ?

   How Many People Have Herpes?  Herpes as we all know is one of the most common communicable diseases that categorized under sexually transmitted diseases. It is caused by two types or herpes virus that is HSV-1 (Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1) and HSV-2 (Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2). Herpes or Herpes simplex are divided into two types, genital herpes that infection occurs in the genital area and also oral herpes that the area that infected are the mouth part, around the lips and inner mouth part. This disease is occurring in everywhere around the world and wide spread through all the area, either it is an urban or rural area. 

how many people have herpes

  Estimated the number of herpes cases that involved adult is around 60% of the total case that caused by HSV-1 and 95% of case involved herpes infection caused by HSV-2. If we look at the data that produce by WHO, herpes infection that caused by HSV-1 is more common compare to the HSV-2. The incidence rate by age is increasing as people age when this is contributed by the immune system that is becoming weak as we grow old. In the populations that have low socioeconomic status, HSV-1 rate are 70 % to 80% where the availability of health facilities and also the treatment given to the herpes infection are the main factors that contribute to this rate. In conjunction with the fact, in populations that have more improved socioeconomics status, the percent drop around 40% to 60% respectively.

How Many People Have Herpes In The World?

  How many people have herpes in the World? In the worldwide level, estimate around 16% or 536 million people were infected by the herpes disease with the infectious agent is HSV-2 in 2003. The incidence rate is greater occur among the women compare to men and this involved mainly women in the developing country. The presence of antibodies against both viral species and also the immune system statuses are the factors or facts that determine the rates of infection. A research regarding the treatment of herpes infection have been discovered that 80% of infants with disseminated disease died if untreated and those who have survived are often will have many complication and the main one is brain damaged.

How Many People Have Herpes In United States Of America ?

   How many people have herpes in United States of America? United States of America are the best comparing example to another country for herpes infection. As one of the main developed country, United States shows that even as the developed country, the number of cases of this disease is increasing every year. Estimated about 1 out 5 people in this country has been infected with genital herpes with the total of cases are more than 50 million. Research that have been conducting by the CDC in United States proved that around 85% of the people that infected by this disease don't know they had been infected with 42 million of the population are unaware they have genital herpes.

   As mentioned earlier, the infection of herpes commonly occurs or infect women more that men. It is because the women nature itself that are more vulnerable to be infected with From the total women population in the world, estimated around 25% women are infected with this disease that compare to men that are around 20% are infected from men populations. If this fact interpreted into proportions, it is about 1 to 4 for women infected and 1 to 5 for men who have been infected with this disease.

How Many People Have Herpes In The South-eastern Part Of Asia ?

   In the South-eastern part of Asia, the incidence rate in most of the country is relatively high compare to another part of countries in Asia continent. In East Timor, estimated around 250,000 of the country populations are infected with this disease. Thailand as one of the country who legalized prostitution has almost 16,000,000 of it populations infected. Other countries such as Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam have incidence rate around 25% of its population are infected with herpes. However, it is slightly higher in Thailand in terms of number of cases that infected with HSV-2 compare to other countries in the Southeast Asia Region with around 37% of HSV-2 seroprevalence.

  When we look at the facts mentioned, one common thing that we can see is the increasing number of cases in every country each year. The movement of people these days that can be done more easily through various type of transportation have been the contributing factors if we compare from the data 10 years ago. Sexual services can be easily obtained in the certain country have also contributed to this condition. The most important thing is to educate the public about this disease with correct information about sign and symptoms and also how to treat and prevention method regarding this disease. If this thing is starting by now, we can see the effect especially decreasing of cases in the near future.

Genital Herpes Statistics in the US: How many people have herpes?

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