How To Discover The First Signs Of Herpes.

   How to discover the first signs of herpes Herpes is normally easy to observe in the infected person. It presents differently depending on which kind of virus has infected the person. All people of all ages can be infected by this virus and the bad news is that no reliable cure have been invented so far. Herpes has two forms of infection, one being the primary infection which normally occur after first exposure to the virus. The secondary infection occurs after the person heals from the first infection. It is normally triggered by the malfunction of the body's immune system. First signs of herpes are many but before you diagnose yourself to have herpes, first laboratory clarification is paramount.


first signs of herpesFirst Signs Of Herpes

First Signs Of Herpes – HSV 1 Symptoms.

   First signs of herpes – HSV 1 normally infects parts above the abdomen. This is transmissible through oral sex or kissing. Upon entry, the virus starts replicating at the site of entry. It will then spread to the nearby nerve sensory ganglion. On reaching there, it will then enter into latency where there will be no replication. The signs of disease will disappear due to reduction in the viral load precipitated by the virus not multiplying. HSV 2 happens to follow the same process of causing disease but it normally infects parts below the waist. They all have different clinical presentations.

HSV 1 may cause Herpes labialis. This is a very painful blister that appears on the patient's lips. It normally full of fluid that contains the virus. On kissing or coming into contact with the fluid by whichever means, the virus can easily be transmitted. Herpes labialis is a clear indication that the virus is replicating and quick intervention is needed.

Eye Herpes is another form of clinical presentation. This is when the virus has spread to the nerve controlling the eye activities. There is usually an irritating feeling as if particles of sand have entered the eye. This is usually HSV 1 infections that make you feel this way.

first signs of herpes hsv 1
Fever, sore throat and a general feeling of illness are among the early presentations that one may experience when infected by this virus. Even drinking water may be irritating at this juncture and appetite happens to diminish making you not to feel hungry yet you have not eaten anything. Once you see all these, make sure you seek medical investigation and quick treatment to avoid the condition going into the worst status. HSV 1 left untreated can make you get viral meningitis which is normally difficulty to cure using the normal drugs. HSV 1 can also cause ear problems if it infects the nerve that controls the ear activities. This is dangerous because it can lead to hearing problems.

First Signs Of Herpes – HSV 2 Symptoms.

   First signs of herpes HSV 2 on the other infects parts below the waist and the newborns during delivery. This is normally transmitted through unprotected sexual intercourse or the sharing of underwears. HSV 2 infects all ages especially the sexual active ones. In females, it presents with papules and nodules around the vagina. This is normally painful and unpleasant making even the desire of sex to diminish. HSV 2 has the potentially to cause inflammation of the oviduct and impair the occurrence of fertilization. In men HSV 2 presents with clear ulcerations of the penis that are very painful. Sometimes wearing a trouser may be difficult.

   The pregnant mother that are infected and not treated before delivery normally passes the disease to the newborn. This is seen when the baby is not able to be active and cries all the time. It is called neonatal herpes and it needs to be addressed as an emergency and quick intervention to be made. Neonatal herpes can kill the baby if the virus goes to the brain to cause meningitis of the newborn. To avoid this, pregnant mothers should be full treated before the delivery date to reduce viral shading for safe delivery to occur.

   Vaginal warts are also associated with Herpes infections. This is a complication of the infection only if left untreated leading to re-infection of the vagina by human papilloma virus. Through quick treatment other organisms will not have the advantage to invade. HSV 2 is associated with causing skin ulcerations or boils to a dermatome of the affected nerve. Ensure that you be quick in discovering if you have the infection to avoid such complications.In conclusion, treatment is based on severity of the disease but you can take ant-virals like Acyclovir to stop the replication of the virus.

First signs of Herpes normally occur when there are alterations in the body immune system. You will therefore have to check the level of your immunity because even when you take ant-virals and your immunity is low, the disease is still going to follow you. Boost your immunity if it is low and then take medication to cure your Herpes.


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