How To Know If You Have Herpes Disease.

How to know if you have herpes – Herpes Simplex virus infect all ages of any gender upon exposure.

The virus normally replicates at site of entry and cause a self- limiting illness. On entry to the body, the body’s immune response halts its replication and forces it to go to latency stage. During the primary infection, the virus can be transmitted to other hosts that come into contact with the infected person. On latency, the virus does not cause illness because it does not replicate. It adapts to the body environment and the immune system does not react against it.It not necessary to get medication on primary infection because the disease is normally self-limiting.

how to know if you have herpes

The signs and symptoms that a person has when infected depends on which part is infected which is determined by the virus that has infected the person. If it is HSV 1, then there will blisters of the lips, ear blisters or when complicated, meningitis can also occur. There is no difference between the primary infection and secondary infection as far symptoms are concerned. HSV 2 on the other hand, will normally affect the regions below the waist. It is involved in causing ulcerations on the penis and vagina on men and women respectively.

Another good way of how to know if you have Herpes simplex virus, you will need to do a lab investigations. This is the most precise way of knowing if you have the virus or not. The first lab investigation that is supposed to be a skin biopsy, this will make it accurate for the diagnosis. Skin specimen is going to be taken and taken to the laboratory for thorough investigation. Polymerase chain reaction is another test that is supposed to be done to ensure that specific antigens of the virus are identified in the body. Through this lab investigations, one is going to be sure whether he or she has the disease or not.

How to know if you have herpes neonatal herpes – Neonatal herpes  is a condition that is acquired by the baby who contracts the virus during delivery. Such cases should be addressed as emergency and quick treatment be done to avoid complications of the disease. Neonatal meningitis will be most common if the virus is not treated on time on the infected child. Pregnant mothers should therefore be treated before the time of delivery to avoid transmission of mother to child. Meningitis can also occur in adults if the virus migrates to the brain.

Herpes simplex virus secondary infection occurs after reactivation of the virus by certain factors like exposure to sunlight and reduction in the immunity of a person. The infection is normally severe compared to primary infection and if left untreated it can result to serious complications which can even cause death. It usually infect a certain dermatome and depending on the spread of the nerve, the ulceration will follow the dermatome. The ulcerations are usually painful and they need both topically treated and systemically treatment. This make it easy for the healing of the disease and no complications shall be observed.

How to Know If You Have Herpes? Learn the Sign of Herpes

How to Know If You Have herpes & Prevention Methods Of Herpes.

How to know if you have herpes – Always use protection when having sex. The HSV 2 normally infects the genitals and can be transmitted through unprotected sexually intercourse. It is good therefore you be screened for the disease before having sex.

Avoid carelessly kissing with people you are not aware of there  

How to know if you have herpes – People infected by Herpes virus for the second time should seek the underlying factor that has led to the occurrence of the disease. They need to examine themselves because secondary infection does not just occur without a triggering factor. This will even create room for the treatment of the underlining conditions that have led to the reactivation of the virus. If it is use of certain medication that has led to the reactivation, then you will need to look for an alternative before the Herpes disease progresses to a worst level. It always good to know what is behind the secondary infection.

Best Ways To Discover You Have Herpes Disease.

Herpes is not something simple and sometimes it can cause necrosis of tissues. This result due to re-infection by the bacteria that take advantage of the low immunity. Such cases makes them difficult to treat and may result to morbidity. The doctor should therefore screen all sorts of organisms if the Herpes disease has stayed for long.

To summarize, how to know if you have herpes – herpes signs and symptoms depend on area affected and severity of the disease. In men, cold sores can invade the lips, especially the lower lip. This can be so painful and it irritates throughout its stay.

   You therefore need to get treatment quickly. It can also infect the genitals where painful ulcerations can be observed. Newborns can get it from there mothers during delivery stage making it difficult for their survival if treatment is not initiated early. Lab investigations are the best ways on how to know if you have herpes simplex virus.   

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