Lysine Benefits In Herpes Treatment And Side Effects

What Is Lysine ?

   Lysine benefits and lysine side effects – Lysine is also an amino acid found in the protein of foods dairy product, meat, vegetables, and also most of the fruits. You can easily get lysine supplement in food like cheese, meat, yogurt, papaya and also apples.
lysine benefits
   Lysine is important in our body because it is a component that team up with the vitamins to improve our immunity to fight against illness. So our body remains healthy and not going to be easy to fall sick. Lysine in food is easy to reduce in certain food preparation method especially in heating method. The healthy person needs around 25-800mg lysine daily.  

What Are Lysine Benefits In Herpes Treatment ?

   This particular nutrient already has been studied for herpes treatment especially herpes infections and also the cold sores that showing because of the herpes virus. The result for using lysine for treating herpes patient is positively effective because there is successful treatment case in previous research.

   The lysine benefits in herpes treatment is a major finding in medical history and it can control the symptom of herpes. Nowadays, Lysine which is amino acid that building the block and structure of protein is always been used to make medicine. In this herpes case, lysine is used to prevent and treat the cold sores that cause by herpes simplex labial virus in the patient.

   The lysine will be taken orally or the patient can apply it directly to the skin that has the sores for this use. Lysine is available in tablet form or ointment form which is suitable for the patient to use according in their condition. It takes few days to weeks to make the sores to heal completely and depends on how fast the patient immune system working to compress the virus in the body.

How Does It Work?

lysine benefits and lysine side effects

  Lysine benefits –  This Lysine seems to prevent the herpes virus from growing in the patient’s body. As for cold sores, a study had been conducted in Health and Sciences University of Southern California that there are 40% chances of full healing in cold sores after 3 days of using lysine treatment, meanwhile there are 87% chances of full healing in cold sores after more than 6 days using lysine treatment. The type of lysine medicines are ointments, lips balms and also the cream that can be found and purchased in most pharmacy that have cold sore treatment and it is proven effective to help treating cold sores.

   Lysine benefits can be used to boost the immune system and function in herpes patient body and there is a study that been carried showing that if a person didn’t get enough lysine in the body, it could lead to immune deficiency condition too. When your immune system is functioning well, you have the system to fight against illness and infection and in this herpes case, you have the ability to fight the virus from spreading in your body and eventually healed in few days.

Other Uses Of Lysine

  Besides of treating herpes and cold sores that cause by herpes, it can be used for calcium absorption in the intestinal to help osteoporosis patient. Lysine also can be used for someone that have an anxiety problem, to someone that want to build muscle mass and also to lower their glucose level.

   Lysine acetylsalicylate also has been used all this time to treat pain and to detoxify patient’s body that addicted to heroin. Lysine clonixin rate can be used for treating a headache that cause by migraine and also other painful condition in patient.

What Are The Lysine Side Effects ?

   As for the lysine side effects, there is a report about several side effects that might occur when using lysine for treatment. The lysine side effects are such as slightly or heavy diarrhea, feeling nausea, and there might abdominal pain after the ingestion of lysine. In a long period of taking lysine for certain treatment, maybe in 5 years of taking or even more, the lysine side effects might be vary but there is a report that it can develop kidney disorders.

Is It Recommended To Use Lysine For Herpes Patient ?

   It is recommended for herpes patient to take lysine about 1000mg to 3000mg per day to boost their immune system and then helping the recovery of herpes. This is the lysine benefits in herpes treatment and it is not only can be found in pill or ointment form to be taken daily, but also can be found in high lysine contained food such as vegetables, fruits and meat.

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But if the patient has another illness or she is pregnant at the same time, taking lysine is must be under a provision or advice from the medical practitioner.

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