The Natural Cure For Herpes.

   The Natural Cure For Herpes – Virus is one of micro-organism that some of the species from this group are related as the source infectious disease. One of the wide spread communicable disease that occurring around the world is herpes. Herpes or Herpes Simplex is a communicable disease that categorized as sexually transmitted disease that cause by two types of virus. The viruses are Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 or known as HSV-1 and the Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2 or HSV-2 is the virus that identified as the infectious agent of this disease. Even though this disease known as STD (sexually transmitted disease) but it not just only directed the infection be through sexual activities but also any contact to the infected area.

   Herpes are divided into two types of infection that is depending on the area where the infection occurs. The infections that occur on the genital area are known as genital herpes and the infection that occur on the mouth area are called oral herpes. Genital herpes is mostly occurred among adult that associated with the transmission through sexual activities. In contrary the oral herpes is commonly associated with the children rather than the adult. Recurrence of the disease is the most dangerous effect that associated with herpes where it can occur again automatically within weeks, months and years commonly with more mild symptoms and sometimes asymptomatic.

   There a few treatment that exist to overcome the sign and symptoms of this disease but not directly cure it and vanish it from the body. Generally treatments are divided into two groups where the first one is scientific methods and the second one is natural methods. The scientific methods commonly associated with medical and scientific approach towards the treatment of herpes where it implemented mostly in hospital and clinics. The natural cure for herpes is the alternative methods that can be implemented to treat and cures herpes infection. It can be the first treatment applies before goes for scientific methods.

Natural Cures For Herpes Are Commonly Not Causing Any Side Effects.

   Natural cures for herpes are commonly not causing any side effects and the best thing about it, the materials or substance that we eat or use will naturally disposed without harming our body. Olive leaf is one of the famous natural cure for herpes that can be applied to fight the herpes infection. It properties give it an advantage to killed most virus, bacteria and also protozoa where the impacts have been already proven through various research. There are some side effects for consuming olive effects are known as Horkheimer's Reaction and the most common symptom associated with this reaction are diarrhea. This reaction occurs because olive leaf has properties as the detoxifier for a human body where it helps to cleanse toxins from our body.

Natural Cure For Herpes By Eating Supplement.

    Eating supplement or high contains food with L-lysine, vitamin C and zinc is also suggested a natural cure to treat herpes infection. It helps boost the immune system of the body to fight against any infection in the body. Other than that, using oregano oil as the natural cure for herpes has been proven to treat against this disease infection. It has very powerful antiviral and antibacterial substance that can kill the herpes virus directly. It can become the ultimate treatment if combined with others natural cure for herpes that mentioned before. Another natural cure for herpes that believed to fights against herpes infection is elderberry. This natural berry contains very strong antioxidant, flavonoids that are known to boost immune system rapidly. Other than that, this berry also has properties as anti-viral, where a study has been conducted and found that it can stop the replication of herpes virus.

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   Other substances that act as the natural cure for herpes against herpes infection are such as tea tree oil, reishi mushroom, lemon balm, essential oil (lavender and peppermint oil) and also aloe vera. There is certain food that need to avoid when the person gets herpes infection. Foods contain caffeine, refined sugars, processed food also nuts. Psychological factors such as maintain calmness also proven to help to improve health status where it is indirect will help to cure infection and in this case, herpes. The reasons behind the effect of this factor are because psychological problem such as stress can lower the body immune system severely.

   In conclusion there are various natural cure for herpes exist to fight against herpes infection where most of the substances or materials can be obtained from the environment naturally. Natural cure for herpes is also good for the body because it the effects from this type of treatment are really minute compare to the scientific cure method.  The by-product from this method is also can be disposed naturally that not also save to the environment but also to the body of the patient. It strongly suggested that the person who has been infected with this disease to approach the natural cure for herpes before going for the scientific cure method.

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