Symptoms Of Herpes In Women That You Should Know It Could Be

   Symptoms of herpes in women – Herpes can infect both the men and women without any exception of the gender. Genital herpes as the name mentioned are the type of herpes that infect the genital area. It commonly is transmitted through sexual relationship or intercourse where it is categorized as one of the sexually transmitted diseases. At least approximately 45 million Americans age 12 and older have been infected with genital herpes. As we all know, genital herpes is generally associated with the infection of Herpes Simplex Virus Type-2 or HSV-2. Genital HSV-2 infection is more common in women than men.

About 1 in 4 women have HSV-2 infection compared to almost 1 in 8 men. This is due to the fact that women can get genital herpes and some other STIs more easily than men.

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   In women (symptoms of herpes in women) the principal sites of primary disease are the cervix and the vulva. Recurrence disease generally involves the vulva, perineal skin, legs and buttocks. When first infected, most of people did not experience any symptoms of herpes and as a result, many of them are unaware that they have the disease. Usually symptoms from first infection are more severe than the recurrence infection. It only appears commonly between 2 to 7 days from the day the person get the infection of the virus. This symptom may be last until 2 or 4 weeks and the sores will eventually scab and heal automatically without scarring.

Most Of The Symptoms Of Herpes In Women

   Most of the symptoms of herpes in women can experience from the infection of genital herpes are such as small blisters or sores that appear like a red bumps that can burst and leave a red and open sores around the infected area, where in this case is on the genital part. The blister can also see on rectum, thighs and buttocks. In women especially, the blister and ulcers present on the cervix area, that is on the lower part of the womb area. Other than that, there is been reported in some cases that certain women patient report some vaginal discharge from the infection and because of that some patient may experience pain when urinating.

   Other common symptoms that not just particularly to women but also to men are such as fever, general feeling of being unwell, aches, itching, pains, flu-like symptoms and swollen glands. The most dangerous condition that can happen is if the mother have been infected, it can transfer the virus to the new birth baby and cause the condition that known as neonatal herpes. Worst case scenario, it can cause potentially fatal neonatal herpes infection. Regarding with this matter, pregnant women are advice to abstain from any sexual intercourse activities especially during the third trimester to partner or person that known or suspected to have genital herpes.  

   In case of recurrence infection, the virus remains dormant or inactive in the body although the initial symptoms of genital herpes are gone. The virus can  be reactivated again in terms of weeks, months of maybe years where it can travelling back down the nerve to the skin surface and causing recurrence outbreaks. Usually the recurrence outbreak of herpes simplex are shorter and less severe than previous infection. It is caused by the protective antibodies that produce from the reaction from initial infection by the body. The antibodies are commonly produced automatically by our body when there is an infection especially virus where it is a type of proteins that fight infection.

   After the initial infection, the body now have recognised the virus and can ignite a response that was able to fight the infectious agent more effectively. Recurrence genital herpes infection become less frequent and less severe over time because of this process.  Some of the symptoms that associated with the recurrence outbreaks are such as a tingling feeling, burning or itching sensation around the infected areas that sometimes can go down to the leg before any blisters appear. The others symptoms of herpes are as the same of the initial infection but in some case it can become milder from the earlier condition.

The Symptoms Of Genital Herpes In Women (Symptoms of herpes in women)

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   Symptoms of herpes in women and men The symptoms of genital herpes are commonly same between women and men but some of it only experience by the women. The more serious matter is women are easier to get herpes infection compare to men because of the body anatomy structures. Information about the right symptoms that associated with this disease are crucial before any treatment can be taken to get the right diagnose of the disease. Prevention of this disease are important especially for women because not just they can get infected by the genital herpes but also they can transfer it to their baby that can cause fatal if not early diagnose.


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