Top 5 Foods High In Lysine And Low In Arginine

Foods High In Lysine For Your Body

  Foods High In Lysine – Lysine is a type of protein that need in the human body which is called amino acids. Unfortunately, our body just cannot produce this kine of protein and we have to consume it in order to gain it for our daily needs. Furtunately, it is easy to find food that high in lysine and for your daily lysine supplements, here are top 5 lysine supplement that you can choose from to add in your daily diet.
foods high in lysine and low in arginine
   There is a connection in between Lysine and Arginine in Herpes breakouts. The basic guideline is decreased the quantity of Arginine in your diet plan and enhanced the quantity of Lysine.

Foods high in lysine supplements are likewise suggested. See the completion of this file for details.

foods high in lysine


Margarine foods high in lysine

   Margarine is  a high processed food that contains lysine the highest in some research – foods high in lysine. Margarine is made from vegetable oil, and as you know, vegetable oil is in a liquid form at room temperature. But with emulsifiers and go through hydrogenated procedure, the consistency changed into solid form and harder. Usually, margarine are made from vegetable oils such as soybean oil and also safflower oil.

   In every 10g of margarine that you take every day, it contains 6mg of lysine. Usually, margarine is a great partner for sandwiches, cakes and pastry. Plus, there is no evidence that margarine can cause cardiovascular disease because the saturated fat actually can improve the blood lipid and raises High-Density Level of Cholesterol which is the good cholesterol for your health. Today, trans fat-free margarine is available int the market. Margarine is not only the highest food containing lysine in a small amount, but it also contains other nutrients such as omega 6 fatty acids.

Yogurt Plain Skim:

yogurt plain skim foods high in lysine  

   This is a type of food that have a consistency like sour cream but this is come with less fat form. Yogurt is made from milk, and the milk is fermented by bacteria. This fermentation thickens the milk, giving its creamy texture and also producing tangy flavor. Naturally, yogurt only has tangy and slightly astringent flavor, but you can found there is fruit flavored yogurt in the market.

   In commercial manufacturing of yogurt, usually friendly bacteria is added in yogurt making, but you can make your own yogurt at home by heating fresh milk about 100 degrees F and keeping it for few hours before it can naturally turn into homemade yogurt.

   Yogurt that foods high in lysine is often made from cows milk, but it is actually can be made from any mammal milk as well. Usually, cows milk, buffalo milk and goats milk are the most popular option in yogurt making.  Yogurt is high in lysine nutrient and for every 100g of yogurt plain skim that you take, you will have 511mg of lysine.

Cheese Swiss:

Cheese Swiss foods high in lysine
   Swiss cheese is cheese that made from several varieties of cheese and it is actually an American version of the Swiss Emmental cheese. Cheese Swiss is usually pale yellow in color, a bit shiny and have a firm texture that easy to add in sandwiches. Cheese Swiss is known for its sweet,nutty and savory taste but not in the sharp way of taste.

   You are also can find holes in the cheese, and this distinctive appearance is known as ‘eyes’. Swiss cheese do have eyes and sometimes not. For the Swiss cheese that without eyes is known as ‘blind’ Swiss cheese in the market. This eye is actually showing what kind of flavor you will fet in that cheese, if the eyes is bigger, you are most likely to have the most pronounced flavor.

     It is deliciously eaten with fresh fruits such as the grapes, sliced red or green apples, pears and sometimes great with ham and salami too. This cheese is made from pasteurized cows milk it is originally from United States. It is also called American Swiss Cheese, high in calcium and also Lysine. For every 50gram of Swiss cheese, you can get 1308mg of Lysine.


papaya foods high in lysine
   This is one of tropical fruit that is very high in nutrients and very deliciously sweet with a musky like undertones and a butter soft like in consistency. Christopher Columbus once called this fruit as ‘fruit of angels’. This is considered as quite an exotic one, but actually nowadays very easy to find in the market and papaya tree also producing papaya all the year without seasonal peak.

It is spherical or pear shaped kind of fruit and usually 20 inches long. The flesh is orange color with little pink hues. Papaya is high in vitamins, which is an essential nutrient for healthy immune system and preventing illnesses such as flu, colds and also infections. Lysine also one of the highest nutrients in papaya. Every 500g of papaya contains 83mg of Lysine.


beets foods high in lysine
   Beets is in the family of Amaranthaceae-Chenopodiaceae having reddish-purple hue in color. It is sweet in taste and this is reflected as high natural sugar content type of food. The raw beet roots are crunchy and when you cooked it, it will become soft and buttery texture. You can have it raw or you can add it in soup, cakes or muffins. Plus, the sweet taste reduce you sugar intake when you are cooking or baking. This is a very popular type of food and very easy to get in the market anywhere. It is also available throughout the year and the season runs every June until October. For every 100g of beet root, you can have 53mg of Lysine.

Recommended Dosage

Foods high in lysine – Recommended for a healthy adult to take around 12mg-816mg per day. But If you want to use Lysine as herpes treatment, the dose is increased to 1000mg-3000mg per day with doctor consult first. Make sure that you are already talking to your doctor or healthcare provider before considering to take higher dose of lysine especially if you are pregnant or having cardiovascular problem at the same time.

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