Will There Ever Be A Cure For Herpes ?

   Will there ever be a cure for herpes ? – Herpes is a viral disease. It infects all ages and it prevalent an almost all parts of the world. Treating genital herpes fully is possible only if critically thinking is applied to therapy process. There are various kinds of drugs that have recently been invented to ensure that they totally eradicate the virus from the body. The faster the intervention, the quicker the healing because the virus on early stages is normally weak and chances of it having mutilated are very minimal. This is however what makes many people fail to heal from herpes.

will there ever be a cure for herpes

   Several medical institutions have initiated various research initiatives to investigate this disease in detail. The latest discovery made and perhaps the discovery that has unfolded hop in treating herpes successfully, is the discovery of the drug called pritelivir that is chiefly used in the treatment of genital herpes. This drugs works like any other ant-viral but it has an outstanding reputation of reducing viral shedding in the infected person. It is through this drug that neonatal Herpes cases have been reduced by ninety percent if compared to the previous days when the virus was still new to the world.

Will There Ever Be A Cure For Herpes ?

   Treating Herpes fully will be a success only if an early diagnosis is made and quick intervention done. The replication process of the virus can be altered and the life of the virus terminated by use of the common viral agents like acyclovir. Delay in treatment makes the virus to mutilate making it stubborn and unresponsive to most ant-viral agents. Herpes simplex virus that attacks an immunocompromised person becomes difficulty to treat. This is where critically thinking is supposed to be deployed. Immunity boosters must first of all be given to ensure that there is no malfunction of the immunity. From there, successfully treatment techniques can start being applied.

   As it stands, Herpes has no cure. Once the virus enters the body, it causes what is referred to as primary infection. This is normally self-limiting and can disappear without any treatment. This is however not an indication that the virus has left the infected person. The virus normally goes into latency in the sensory ganglions and awaits reactivation. When the immunity of that person happens to malfunction for one reason or the other then the virus gets re-activated and starts causing disease again. This is what is called secondary infection.

Diagnosis Of Herpes Disease.

   Will there ever be a cure for herpes ? Diagnosis of herpes can be made through clinical observations or laboratory investigations. For HSV 1 it normally infects parts above the abdomen. It is usually characterized by cold sores on the lips that are very painful and one may actually have the inability to drink hot liquids. It can cause sore throat and difficulty in swallowing accompanied by slight fever that last for like some hours. HSV 2 on the other hand can be infects areas of the lower abdomen. Normally it infects the lower genitals and can be transmitted through sexual intercourse.

   Polymerase chain reaction is another technique that is used in the diagnosis of Herpes disease. It is the most accurate method of diagnosis because it looks at the antigens of the virus in the body.

   Skin biopsy. This where the infected skin is taken as specimen for laboratory investigations. It gives accurate outcomes and hence forms the basis for accurate treatment of herpes. This technique can also give a clarity on the severity of disease as to whether it is acute or chronic. Correct diagnosis of the herpes disease makes the management of the condition a very easy procedure and a successful one.

   Pregnant mothers can play a role to eradicate this disease from the newborn through vaccination and treatment during the pregnancy period. The virus can be passed to the newborn during delivery making the cure to be very difficult. The prevention of mother to child transmission should be highly enforced during the delivery stage.

   Will there ever be a cure for herpes ? Cure of herpes is not available because the any virus can only be controlled. This is because the genetic makeup of a virus resembles that of a human being. Only drugs that can block the stages of its replication can be used but they do not kill the virus.

In short, will there ever be a cure for herpes ? – if you have herpes all you need is to make sure that you make your immunity high and also take ant-viral agents that attack the replication process of the virus. Research is still going on how the virus can be full treated without it remaining in the host’s body.

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